Boat parts

Before getting into the world of boat design or its use, it would be nice to first know the parts of the boat itself. There are some new terminology that may sound foreign in our daily life for those who are not familiar with boats. Each part of the boat has a unique name, not just front, back, right side, left side and so on.

The following describes the parts of the boat based on its orientation:

  • Bow: the front of the boat
  • Stern: the back of the boat
  • Port: The left side of the boat as seen from the passenger facing the bow
  • Starboard: The starboard side of the boat as seen from the passenger facing the bow

Based on their function, the parts of the boat can be described as follows:

  • Hull: the body or part of the hull of the boat that serves to provide buoyancy and is the basic part of the boat
  • Gunwales: the upper part of the hull that serves to provide extra rigidity for the hull or the installation of boat features
  • Transom: the cross-section of the stern where the outboard engine is mounted
  • Cleats: iron fittings that are attached to the gunwales to tighten ropes or cables when docking or leaning on the port
  • Navigation Lights: Generally red and green or white, depending on the needs of each boat

The terms above are important enough to understand so that there is no confusion when designing and operating boats in the field, both for manual technical understanding and navigation.

By Caesar Wiratama

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