The PT Tensor team has been providing CAD technical drawing consultation services since 2013!

PT Tensor has been providing consultation services for technical drawings and animations since 2013! From drafting, 3D rendering, assembly animations, to detailed drawings for manufacturing in production or workshop settings.

Our clients range from large corporations, research institutions, to individuals for start-up companies. PT Tensor utilizes software with official licenses, ensuring safety for your commercial activities.

We also have a team of over a dozen engineers ready to handle tasks in parallel, even requiring site visits for discussions on data completeness.

3D Design and rendering

Detailed mechanical assembly

Concept presentation

Virtual Reality (VR) model

Fabrication model

Construction drawing detail

Bill of material estimation

Detailed 2D drafting

3D Modeling and rendering

Mechanism Simulation

Design for fabrication

PT Tensor uses legal licenses of proprietary software:


Do not jeopardize your company’s reputation or research by using pirated software (Cracks) or student (free version) software for your commercial activities or academic publications!

The crackdown on pirated software users is becoming increasingly systematic. Fines imposed later could be more expensive than the cost of using the software license itself.

Use official licenses for your company, or choose consultants with official licenses to avoid significant risks in the future.

Do not hesitate to consult with us. With our team’s years of experience across various industries, we can provide input regarding the appropriate methods for the cases you are facing.