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Mechanical engineering design:

  1. Introduction to mechanical engineering design
  2. Materials
  3. Load and stress analysis
  4. Deflection and stiffness
  5. Failures Resulting from static loading
  6. Fatigue Failure Resulting from variable loading
  7. Shaft and shaft components
  8. Screws, fasteners, and the design of nonpermanent joints
  9. Welding, bonding, and the design of permanent joints
  10. Mechanical springs
  11. Rolling-contact bearings
  12. Lubrication and journal bearings
  13. Gears
  14. Spur and helical gears
  15. Bevel and worm gears
  16. Cluthes, brakes, couplings, and flywheels
  17. flexible mechanical elements
  18. Power trasmission case study
  19. Finite element analysis
  20. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing